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A Day Trip to St. Mary's Isles of Scilly - 23rd July 2011.
The following links are to new species of plants added to APHOTOFLORA after a day trip to the island of St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly on the 23rd July 2011.

Thanks go to Go! Penzance Shopmobility and Tony Dingley of Sea View Moorings for their help in providing a mobility scooter for the day; for without it the trip would not have been possible. Thanks must also be extended to Isles of Scilly Travel and the crew Scillonian III.

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Annuals and Perennials
Alstroemeria aurea - Peruvian Lily
Calystegia sepium subspecies roseata
- Hedge Bindweed

Oxalis pes-caprae - Bermuda Buttercup
Pericallis hybrida - Cineraria
Senecio glastifolius - Woad-leaved Ragwort
Tradescantia fluminensis - Wandering Jew

Aeonium arboreum - Tree Aeonium
Aeonium species -2
Aeonium species -3
Aeonium species -4
Aeonium species -5
Carpobrotus hybrid - possibly with C. acinaciformis ?
- Sally-my-handsome Hybrid

Crassula coccinea - Red Crassula or Klipblom
Crassula ovata - Jade or Money Plant
Erepsia heterophylla - Lesser Sea-fig
Oscularia deltoides - Deltoid-leaved Dewplant

Trees and Shrubs
Brugmansia sanguinea - Red Angel's Trumpet
Chrysocoma coma-aurea - Shrub Goldilocks
Coprosma repens - Tree Bedstraw
Helichrysum petiolare - Silver-bush Everlasting Flower
Lithodora diffusa - Trailing Lithodora
Morus nigra - Black Mulberry
Olearia solandri - Coastal Shrub Daisy
Olearia traversii - Ake-ake
Pittosporum crassifolium - Karo
Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' - Contorted Willow

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