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Family Image Index for Asparagales (Monocotyledon Images)
Asparagus Family (Asparagaceae)
Wild and Garden Asparagus, Hosta and Triplet Lily (Asparagus, Hosta and Triteleia)

Butcher's broom Family (Ruscaceae)
Lily of the Valley, Solomon's Seal, False Solomon's Seal and Butcher's Broom (Convallaria, Maianthemum, Polygonatum and Ruscus)

Hyacinth Family (Hyacinthaceae)
Bluebells, Hyacinths, Grape Hyacinths, Star of Bethlehem, Squills and Pineapple Lily (Hyacinthoides, Muscari, Ornithogalum, Scilla, Prospero, Tractema and Eucomis)

Iris Family (Iridaceae)
Chasmanthe, Montbretia, Crocuses, Sword Lilies, Gladioli, Kaffir Lily, Irises, Libertias, Sand Crocus and Eyed Grasses (Chasmanthe, Crocosmia, Crocus, Gladiolus, Hesperantha, Schizostylis, Iris, Libertia, Romulea and Sisyrinchium)

Onion Family (Alliaceae)
Garlics, Leeks, Onions, Ramsons, Honeybells and Society Garlic (Allium, Nothoscordum and Tulbaghia)

Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)
Green-winged, Pyramidal, Common Spotted, Hebridean, Early Marsh, Southern Marsh, Leopard, Bee, Heath Fragrant, Bird's Nest, Early Purple, Butterfly and Tongue Orchid, Twayblade, Helleborines and Lady's Tresses (Anacamptis, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Gymnadenia, Neottia, Ophrys, Orchis, Platanthera, Serapias and Spiranthes)

Amaryllis Family (Amaryllidaceae)
Jersey Lily, Cape Lily, Snowdrops, Snowflakes, Daffodils including Sea Daffodil and Guernsey Lily (Amaryllis, Galanthus, Leucojum, Narcissus, Pancratium and Nerine)

Agave and Yucca Family (Agavaceae)
Mexican Lily, Spider Plant and Spanish Daggers (Beschorneria, Chlorophytum and Yucca)

Silver Spear Family (Asteliaceae)
Silver Spear (Astelia)

Grass Tree or Xanthorrhoea Family (Xanthorrhoeaceae)
Xanthorrhoea johnsonii - The Grass Tree

Sub-family Asphodeloideae (Asphodels)
Aloe, Asphodel, King's Spear and Red Hot Poker (Aloe, Aspholdeline, Asphodelus and Kniphofia)

Sub-family Hemerocallidoideae (Day Lilies)
Day Lilies and Phormiums (Hemerocallis and Phormium)

For Cordyline australis, the Cabbage Palm (Laxmanniaceae) see 'Woody Plants'.

Family Image Index for Asparagales